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Zhuhai HaiShiLong Biological Technology Co., LTD. Will provide you with first-class OEM/ODM processing services

OEM: original equipment manufacturer (OEM) is the OEM manufacturer that produces according to the requirements and authorization of the original manufacturer and under specific conditions. All design drawings are manufactured in accordance with the design of upstream manufacturers. Simple understanding is that customers provide packaging materials, and our company provides the corresponding formula paste for filling and packaging to the finished product delivery, that is, OEM processing.

ODM: ODM substitute processing refers to that after a manufacturer designs a product, it may be looked upon by other enterprises in some cases and requires the latter's brand name to carry out production, or slightly modify the design to produce. The manufacturer undertaking design and manufacturing business is called ODM manufacturer, and the product produced by it is ODM processing product. Simple understanding is that customers only need to cooperate in the whole process, from trademark registration, packaging design and procurement, product structure organization and so on, which is ODM processing.

The perfect combination of "independence, flexibility, income and value" makes OEM service popular. OEM solutions will be the wise choice of your company. It's up to you. According to your wishes, we can produce high quality cosmetics that meet the international standards without huge investment and saving all aspects of the consultant.