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2. Features of super 3D Dietary Fiber Mask:

Classification and comparison Main components Skin sensation Elastic Sticking time Essence adsorption capacity Safety (skin irritation and sensitization)
Non woven fabric membrane Polypropylene (PP), polyester (PET) and other chemical fibers or natural fibers Rough fabric texture Inelastic Shorter 15-30min 25ml General (susceptible to chemical stimulation and sensitization)
Biofilm Bio organic fiber Closed cortical sensation Small elasticity Up to10h 5-10ml higher
Silk Mask Cotton fiber with a small amount of silk added Stiff texture of cloth Inelastic Very short 10-20min 15-25ml higher
Dietary fiber membrane Soluble plant polysaccharides Tender skin Elastic Up to 2-8h Membrane whole essence effective concentration high Very high (very few individual groups of plant polysaccharide allergy)

5. Perfectly perfect facial mask:
The 3D mask is a three dimensional laminating design that closely covers each contours of the face, covering the surrounding alar and the tattoo, covering the skin, and even covering the skin of the neck. Although ordinary facial mask can cover the facial skin more comprehensively, it is difficult for the design to satisfy its own three-dimensional face. So it is difficult to ensure that every detail part is very closely attached, such as the surrounding alar, the tattoo and so on. However, compared with the ordinary surface film, the 3D mask can not only closely cover each contour of the face, but can even cover the neck muscles in a comprehensive way. Skin, so it can nourish every inch of skin more closely, and bring more precise care for skin!

7、 Functional products with good skin feeling;
The foundation of hisilon company comes from the founder's insistence on "pollution-free, pure and safe skin care products". Act in a diametrically opposite way of traditional mask, the founder of the sea lion dragon led the research team in the opposite direction. With the concept of "let the skin really absorb nutrition", the experience of medical beauty and cosmetics accumulated in the past ten years was focused on, and three years later, a collagen crystal film, a collagen crystal film of sea lion dragon, was developed. With the combination of Oriental humanistic wisdom and western advanced technology, pure natural ingredients are added to the products to the maximum extent. With unparalleled cutting-edge technology and high-quality persistence, all women's dreams are realized and the pursuit of lasting beauty is realized.