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Enterprise Mission

Care about the health and beauty of others, strive for innovation for everyone's health and beauty, fully understand and discover the health and beauty needs of others, transform mature technologies in medicine, biology, fine chemistry and other fields into the most effective, safe and easy-to-use personal health care products, and introduce them to everyone through innovative marketing strategies, so that everyone can have a healthy and beautiful life. Achieve the self-worth of every healthlong's staff.


Build the most advanced crystal beauty film R & D and production base.

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"Sea lion dragon" is a homonym of "health long" in English, which means "healthy and long-lived and youth forever". In the three words of "sea lion and dragon": "Sea" means that based on the headquarters in Shanghai and relying on Zhuhai production base, the sea lion extracts small molecule collagen from deep-sea fish to develop products, deeply develops marine biochemical technology, and is committed to creating a new blue ocean market. The sea is blue, and the sky is blue; as the main color of "sea lion" enterprises and products, the blue of sea and sky means that the company has a high and broad development vision; "Lion" is a symbol of authority and strength. Chinese lion dances around the world to protect human safety and health; "Dragon" is the soul of Chinese culture, is a symbol of honor and nobility. The Oriental dragon has been flying all over the world to raise its reputation and protect people's happy life. Protected by lion and dragon, it brings human health and beauty, and symbolizes the healthy and beautiful cause of sea lion and dragon, which is solid and long-term. The above factors, together, profoundly reflect the enterprise development concept of "caring for health, caring for beauty" of hisilong enterprise.